Customer development: How to estimate market demand for your SaaS Startup based on facts – I learned it the hard way

2018. A guy asks on Facebook: what are typical SaaS startup marketing costs? The commenters tell him to think about channels, target audience, write a business plan … Don’t be these guys, that was the bad advice I got 2009. You deserve better. We are living in the future, 2018. In this article I describe how using Google Ads & customer development, you can start marketing your startup in minutes and a few hundred Euros and gather your own facts. Because facts > theory.

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A change of wristbands – from “Nowhere 2014” to “I,Robot 2018”

As I am changing a wristband on my right hand, I also reflect about the bigger picture about me an participatory culture. As I am writing these lines, I am still wearing the wristband of the participatory temporary city “Nowhere 2014” on my right hand. As I have been for the last 1632 days since July 5th 2014. I am moving to an “I, Robot 2018” wristband by Severin Taranko. Both remind me that I am part of a global participatory culture where such small things represent and reflect the meaning of everything.

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Artworks want to be touched at Burning Man

“I quickly realized it’s the people that bring life to the artwork at Burning Man. Unlike those found in a museum or gallery, the creative achievements of the playa were conceived and constructed with the intent of human interaction. They were created specifically for climbing, touching, marking, wearing, giving and receiving, and in many cases, eventual destruction. They exist as sites of photo shoots, weddings, dance parties, transportation, wayfinding, sexual encounters, sleeping, bathing, mourning, and more. So rather than being protected from the masses, the artworks relied on them to achieve full actualization. And this was a curatorial revelation.”

Leobard’s idea how to connect Borderland Platforms

This is a set of 4-videos of Leobard (Leo Sauermann, me), talking about how we could use RDF/LinkedData/ to connect the various platforms of TheBorderland/Dreams/Realities/Burnertickets. I used video as a medium to convey the ideas, as I think it was the quickest way for me to transport it. Writing this up would have taken longer and as my Burning Man community contributions are done in my pastime, I try to make it fun for me to do this.

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Abnehmen durch Fasten, Energie aus dem Fettzellen-Akku

Meine Fettzellen sind meine Batterien, sie speichern Energie in Form von Übergewicht. Wenn ich ein paar Tage oder Wochen nichts esse, also faste, verbrenne ich die Energie und nehme ab. Ich beschreibe hier meine eigene Erfahrung damit, etwa war ich dieses Jahr nach 9 Tagen “wenig Essen” 3kg leichter. Eine einfache Tatsache, aber wenn ich auf Google nach “Abnehmen”, “Fasten”, oder “Gewicht verlieren” suche, finde ich nur Werbung. Darum ein Blogpost in dem ich meine Erfahrung aufschreibe.

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Personal Linked Data, Personal Knowledge Graph

What we need is a personal app that allows us to link our own data. An app where I can link projects to related appointments, people, things, documents/files, and notes. And all of these with each other. And tag everything.

It could be easy to build it on top of NextCloud or on top of Google Documents. It could be done based on my work about the “Semantic Desktop” or “NEPOMUK“.  The concepts I developed back then would still apply today. And all the research others and I did in the wake of NEPOMK would also still apply.

I would call it “Personal Linked Data” or “Personal Knowledge Graph”. Not even TimBl himself calls it “Semantic Web” these days, but rather “Linked Data”.

And to illustrate that blogpost here, I take the cover of my phd. Lookit, its SVG: