body ... soul ... God ... see

duration 6-10 minutes
premiere August 2010
tag #godsees
Does your soul want to see the world from God’s perspective? Let your soul wander around in this out-of-body experience for an audience of one. Theater performance by two actors applying immersion science.
“God Sees” is an interactive multimedia out-of-body-experience for an audience of one. The single visitor sees the play through a set of head-mounted video glasses. The sourrounding world is recorded by a small wireless camera. The perspective of the camera gives the spectator an immersive view, experiencing the world through the senses of a small "human-robotic" avatar. An interactive theater play starts. First, the soul of the spectactor is metaphorically leaving his body and wanders around. What happens next is up to the visitor, guiding his soul and interacting with the environment. Once the soul has reached a higher plane, God appears in the figure of a symbolical Jesus. A crucial decision has to be made to drink water of life offered by the Savior himself. A possible end of the play is to see the world from God’s perspective - from above. The play is narrated by music, a recorded voice, and two live actors.
God Sees
GodSees at the camp

Erntefestival 2011

Saturday, 27.8.2011
Erntefestival, VSL Lindabrunn

Show in Lindabrunn 2010

Tuesday, 14.9.2010
Paraflows, VSL Lindabrunn

Premiere at Burning Man

Tuesday, 31.8.2010-Friday 3.9.2010
Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada
around 5:30 and B(aghdad), watch for the balloon


Sunday, 22.8.2010
16:00, Vienna


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Leo Sauermann, leobard.net
Technical Director
Franz Ablinger, monochrom.at
Voice Narrator
Robert Herzl, actor
Ingrid Brunner-Sauermann
Leo Sauermann
Sound Editor
Executive Producers
Franz Ablinger
Fredrik Debong
Leo Sauermann


Leo Sauermann