Gnome-Storage as repository basis

although this project is a little silent (at least to my knowledge) it is surely interesting as a storage backend for Semantic Web Resources on a local desktop.

gnome-Storage managed by Seth Nickell.

In fenfire by Benja Fallenstein and in Stefan Decker’s distributed P2P Semantic Desktop we will need a local storage for Resources, that is able to be accessed from normal Desktop Applications and that can be used to add RDF metadata to objects. And storage does more: it has global unique identifiers, and even better: it has URLs that are bound to hosts. great, i love it.

Best part is, that “storage” is done by some core gnome developers and so it will probably have good acceptance in the community.

The bad message is that the developer page looks dusty.

Dieter Fensel Talk in Vienna

Dieter Fensel gave a talk at Vienna, on June 21, which I attended.

Michael Zeltner joined me and we wore funny t-shirts (have a look).

Dieter spoke about his vision of Semantic Web Services, adapted to the quite mixed audience, it was also a Semantic Web introduction. Beeing the chef of he gave much information about what projects they do and what goals they have.

I liked this List for “Semantic Web is an enabler for”:

  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Knowledge Management

btw, Download his slides

A big thing at the moment is the wsmo – Big in funding is also He also mentioned an older thing from, the OntoWrapper, this could be interesting for gnowsis. And also the sekt project, which I was interested in before.

Hm, is open for new members, perhaps interesting.

A nice part of the talk was about visions. Dieter sketchs two ways to a Semantic Web Service world: one through the Web Service approach, enhancing Web Services with Semantic Web tech (RDF and so on, UDDI enhancing etc) and the other by having Semantic Web applications like FOAF or so and add web services. I like the second thing.
The future may be a kind of global triple space. This leads me back to my ideas of uri-based routing and using URIQA for worldwide distributed database. We WILL have something like it, don’t know yet how.
– whoa, just this moment two links popped up for Michi: deri paper, blogged in #rdfig.
I asked, “when will it be” – 5 years or 10 years? Nice answer: “5 years, we have funding for 5 years now”. Or was it “I plan to retire in 5 years” – forgive me, I didn’t remember.
But the good news is that Dieter thinks that smaller services will be available quite soon, surely in the next 3 years and that we will have a decent growth, not an instant revolution.

Michi and me had our moment when during the talk Dieter did stop, looked at us and asked: “Where have you got this t-shirt from?”. We did answer correctly, “L….M…..”.

So it was a meet and greet of Vienniese Semantic Web guys, I met also Gerald Reif and Hannes Lischka and Elke Michlmayr.