cars parking in front of my office

hm, some ill-inspired freak who has probably seen parked his or her red sports car in front of my office door.

danm, we are hacking till 23:59 and then this?!



it was not easy to climb over this thing. don’t know how they did it anyhow, but those who code all day don’t care…

updated my foaf file

I made many changes to gnowsis in this prerelease phase. Today i focussed on updating my foaf file. To do it right, I made some hacks:

* Written a Jena Model accessed another Jena Model through XML/RPC. Great to have models remote with a fingersnip.

* Written a ExoBot, that takes some Jena commands (liststatements, query, etc) and executes the commands to build a new model. Fine to do recursive queries and sub-queries.

* exo-foaf, my foaf file creator now talks to the gnowsis server through XML/RPC.

Result is a foaf file that finally looks like all the other foaf files out there.

17 work days left unti release…