geek office

a friend of mine, Michael Zeltner, had the idea of a “geek office” which consists roughly of a bunch of friends that meet at a place where god has given WLAN and hack together, not necessarily on the same project but to share cigarettes and caffeine (at least thats how I understood it)

brings us to our state of the art research right accross my office door – the Virtual Office of the Future where DFKI, Fraunhofer IESE and RICOH work together on future office environments.

I dream of a coherence of the social aspects mentioned by Michael and the non intrusive, embedded, simple-to-use office tech of the future. Knowledge Working should be like hanging out with friends in the cyberspace. High tech, but looks like an iPod.

oh yeah, and I am in the middle of coding stuff for it. freaky.

buddhists praying for flood victims

Article in Channelnewsasia – link

“Some 100 Budhhist monks led a mass cleansing ritual Tuesday at popular Patong beach on the resort island of Phuket to dispel fears among residents and Asian tourists that restless spirits of tsunami victims are haunting the area.

Reports of ghost sightings have terrorised locals here. “

Actually some of this is also christian belief. In the new testament stories there are many people who fear spirits. Praying to Jesus should help here. I think this is useful relief work after the flood.

Leerzeichen zwischen Bäumen

And In the time of Christmas and new year Ingrid and I went home because Caesar Augustus said so, there was a numbering. Tristan Miller joined us. Tristan is North-American and speaks English, Frensh, Hungarian, German, … fluent.

When he got a glimpse of the forest in Vienna and said something about the forest that has meaning beyond agriculture and informatics:

“Es gibt zu viel Leerzeichen zwischen den Bäumen.”

roughly translated:
There is so much space between trees.

real translation:
There are too many “Blank Signs” between the trees.

Semantic Email

As I am giving out many Diploma Thesis Ideas for people who want to write their Master at Kaiserslautern (maybe you? write me…) I have to stick my nose into Semantic Email. The Semantic Email project is already running, but we have to do better.

So I googled some interesting links about the topic I want to share:

basically it means: the washington guys did their homework very good.

So if you, dear reader, want to do a master’s thesis about it, be my guest.

meaning of life

at our office, we just discovered the meaning of life.

The real truth is that you are sourrounded by idiots.
The meaning of life is to live with this truth.

2nd try
The fact is that you are sourrounded by idiots.
The goal is to life with it.

bluelogger and photo annotation

crschmidt hinted me back to my old dreams. tagging photos, appointments and other events with gps location.

The weapon of choice seems to be bluelogger, a gps receiver that talks through bluetooth.

I have commercial experience with these kind of stuff from my previous portacon project. So handling emea and maps and stuff is bad but possible 🙂

what came to my mind is a way to match timelines, from icals to your photos to your “recently heard itunes song” to the GPS path walked.

At impact business computing we had a patent pending algorithm to track breaks in a gps trail, tp detect stops. Perhaps this might be useful again 🙂

so lets see what crschmidt does next…