subversion, subclipse, eclipse, https and certificates

I just had a funny bug i have to blog so that googlers can find it:

Eclipse 3.x using Subclipse on windows (which works fine)

Error validating location: “org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: RA layer request failed
svn: profind request failed on /repos/foafme

Server certificate cerification failed:
issuer is not trusted (

keep location anyway?

Problem: our crew does not sign their certificates correctly (or) and the thing has a SSL certificate which is not correctly signed (or whatever)

I click on “add repository” and it says “the certificate is wrong” and i say “ok” but it still doesn’t work

Solution: Take another SVN client (commandline or tortoise svn) and connect to the server, press “OK” there when the certificate question comes. Then it works in eclipse also. problem solved.

semantic photo stuff

some semantic photo projects I like:

www photos:

foaf codepiction (leo -> clinton)

Masahide Kanzaki, the Semantic Web freak (and bass player):

and the annotation example by Masahide Kanzaki:

jip, the photo freak:

gnowsis & mindraider

Some weeks ago I found mindraider, a visualiser and editor for Semantic Web data. I found that Martin Dvorak leads this project and asked him if he would be interested to connect it to gnowsis. He realized that this can help very much and started uriqa support for mindraider.

Uriqa support is always useful, so I wisely added a uriqa server to gnowsis that these things can fly better. After downloading and running mindraider & using the latest gnowsis, I was able to produce this:

the “my files” folder in mindraider!

there are still some bugs, but in principle, it works.

Mindraider longer:
MindRaider is Semantic Web outliner. It aims to connect the tradition of outline editors with emerging technologies. MindRaider mission is to organize not only the content of your hard drive but also your cognitive base and social relationships in a way that enables quick navigation, concise representation and inferencing.

FOAFME released

we are happy to announce the release of FoafMe – a java tool for editing, browsing and uploading
FoaF files.

The idea was to make generating FoaF files more convenient and interesting
for everyone.
Therefore our guideline was to provide the following features:

  • an easy-to-use interface
  • a self-explanatory handling to fill in data
  • the ability to manage multiple files
  • an integrated browser to show other FoaF files in the web
  • a comfortable way to add people to the list of friends (implemented in
    the browser)

FoafMe is available under

Further information about installation and usage can also be found there.

FoaF (Friend of a Friend) is a vocabulary extending RDF which is meant for describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do. For example you can enter your name, your nick, the project you’re currently
working on, the internet address of an image depicting you, and a lot more. The most important predicate to use might be the “knows” relation. One can add a lot of people to the file – referred to by the location of their FoaF
file or by the unique sha1sum calculated out of their email address. This makes it to a network of friends.
Get more information at

This is an example for a FoaF file (which you’ll hopefully explore and
browse with FoaFMe):

We hope you enjoy the product and find it useful. In case you have any
questions, comments and further suggestions, please contact us!
We’ll appreciate your feedback.


Leo and Daniel