web karma / leaveyourmessagehere

someone said to me in amsterdam that I have good tourist karma. Today I have good web karma.

from boingboing.net I wandered to web zen which inspired me to go to leaveyourmessagehere.

the idea at this place is simple: a text-input box and a button “leave your message here”.

under this creativity pressure I wrote this:
come to kaiserslautern. I am there and I miss you.

after pressing the hardest button, I saw the last message there (5 hours ago)
Thinking of you P……..do you miss me?

web karma: your spirit is so in tune with the web spirit that you react to things you conciously cannot know.




may the farm be with you. This fan/advertisment/starwarsrippoff movie has it all: good effort, good quality, rippoff.

btw: the real force is called JESUS. all this star wars fuzz keeps me off my own disciple/jedi training….

never move your foaf file2

michael notes that one could use http redirect and that clients should update their links when finding one of these.

After a permanent http redirect of a uri (hence also a semantic web uri) all triples and so should be updated.

some clients forget to do this and show the new data but keep the old uri.

never move your foaf file

practical rdf failure:

I moved my foaf file from gnowsis.com/leo/foaf.xml to http://www.leobard.net/foaf.xml – that has been a year ago.

still many foaf files have their seeAlso set to the old url. So I wrote to eaon/Michael Zeltner to update his foaf file at

he replied that his foaf file is now:

so we both moved our files. and crawlers / search engines like this here for eaon or this for me or that for me still have the outdated data.


uri crisis – one approach

a nice approach for identifying thigs with uris (known as the uri crisis) is the taguri.


note that taguris are not wise to be used with things that have already a http:… uri. And in my opinion, using any existing wiki system to make a URI has the same outcome as taguri and is easier to handle for the lesser deamons. (we, the high arcane sorcerers of semweb, have a domain, know how to use a date and can live with a uri that points to nirwana on the http space. lesser demons enter uris into browsers)

but despite these flawbacks, taguri is a nice idea.

thanks to andy seaborne for mentioning it to me.