stranger than thinkgeek

googling for “RDF” and “modified date” I found this great website listing some military gear. Some of them have RDF, but probably no triples. I want the underwater jet propulsion system, because it lasts as long as my O2!

and finally, this list helps Dr No. and Blofeld to estimate their expenses when building a secret retreat….


btw: Ingrid and I are in Paris, visiting John, a friend of Mike from our church in Kaiserslautern.

Its great, Paris is like vienna should be (but more expensive). we are cooking right now, have been out all day. nice to have a few days off from the semantic web….

sitting in the car to paris, i wondered about watching at the clouds: great to sit in a car and watch clouds, look out of the window, let your mind wander. I wonder when I can let my mind wander off in kaiserslautern.

Buckle Man

Buckle Man – the video every kid in Ohio sees in driving lessons. The lessons are open, you don’t have to attend, but everyone wants to see buckleman, so Ohio knows it’s hero.
a buck for anyone who mails me the video…

Buckle Man V-204-RES

Produced by the Ohio Department of Highway Safety, this video is directed at a young elementary audience. This is a make-believe story of the battle between Buckle Man, a super hero figure who makes people buckle up, and Heckler, the bad guy who tries to persuade people that they don’t need safety belts. In the end, Heckler is killed in a car wreck because he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. (VHS, 17 ½ mins)