search for picasa for mac

for our upcoming sailing trip “matatour2005” I need a better photo viewer for macOS. something like picasa for mac.

my search for this thing is quite strange, an obvious problem not solved. Even the default image previews of WinXP is better then the image preview on MacOsX. 10.3. perhaps tiger has something better.

iPhoto is just boring, it has nice beginnings but is

  • greedy, you can’t use it to browse a view pics in some folder, it always wants to copy the crap (and then loses the directory structure)
  • totally useless on my >10.000 photos collection
  • totally useless for me?
  • and many more arguments about why iPhoto lames and picasa rules by other mac users, google groups it

some might say that picasa rules, and that might be true, but it isn’t available for mac 🙁

the search goes on… btw: a handy throwaway / free email service to quickly get “you must confirm crap, earthling” emails, is it lets you receive email but not have an account. try johndoe, interesting honeypot

wanted features: browsing in any folder, doing a slideshow there, turning pictures. resizing? supporting funny digicams?

so stuff that caught my eye:

  • iview – nice but incredibly cheap: 169$, what an occasion. if not the price, i would like it
  • gimp for macos. well, at least I can handle this one
  • some recommend the Photoshop CS file browser. advertisment flyer sais this is also in photoshop-elements, which is € 83,49 in the german adobe store
  • uAlbum looks nice and was recommended by Paul Mitchum in a newsgroup post. great software, 10$ but it can’t fullscreen nor slideshow
  • viewIt fulfills most of my whishes, but is hard to handle. It doesn’t rotate images nor trash them immediately, instead you have to call cryptic commands after viewing (like “move marked images to trash”´, and marking images isn’t nice either)


watch TV on the internet. basically, its a big collection of tv stations that stream online. They have Wien Heute!! It even works on MacOs after I installed Windows media player (those ms craps, their installer is so non-macos, and it does create a sub-folder in “application”, typical MS crapa and unusability)

whatever, wien heute works!

thanks to eaon for blogging the wwitv

brainboost search engine

I wondered “how does iTunes store cover images?” but was too lazy to use a conventional keyword search engine, so i searched for a natural language processing search engine and found brainboost.

ask brainboost about iTunes

it works. the returned documents did answer my question. I love the web.

Konstant Arbeitsschutz website

The website of was one of my previous work assignments. One of the Helmets we got from this company was transformed into a wearable safety monitor, I’ll blog this tomorrow…

Konstant Arbeitsschutz Artikelindex
Berufsbekleidung Berufskleidung Arbeitsbekleidung Arbeitskleidung Parka WarnwesteRegenschutzLatzhose Overall Blakläder Handschuhe Arbeitshandschuhe Sicherheitsschuhe ArbeitsschuhePU-Schaum Konstant Arbeitsschutz Artikelindex Berufsbekleidung Berufskleidung Arbeitsbekleidung Arbeitskleidung Parka Warnweste Regenschutz Latzhose Overall Blakläder Handschuhe Arbeitshandschuhe Sicherheitsschuhe Arbeitsschuhe PU-Schaum