Talk on Semantic Desktop at ZGDV, 19.10.2006

There is a congres on “Semantic Web und Wissenstechnologien” in Darmstadt at ZGDV on 19th October 2006.

There are many interesting people from Germany giving talks there, Benjamin Novack from the hacker side, Georg Lausen, Andreas Kupfer, Michael Stollberg from Innsbruck, Torsten Priebe from Capgemini Austria, Holger Rath from Empolis, Achim Steinacker from intelligent views, and Leo Sauermann from myself.

If you are a student of university, reduced conference fee for academics is 120€/290€.


digitalcouch 8 am Montag!

link zur digitalcouch

Am 7. August 2006 ist es wieder soweit. Nachdem wir uns zur WM ausgepowert und den Sommer durchgeschwitzt haben, geht es voller Enthusiasmus und neuer Energie wieder zur Sache: The Great Escape 8.

Wir haben neue Ideen, so freut euch auf:

iTrip-Disco am 19. August – Motoren schon mal warm laufen lassen. Alle Informationen gibts bei The Great Escape.
Die Herbst 100 Tage Bar – und wir sind dabei. Werdet Teil und öffnet die Herzen.
Was war was wird? WM – vorher, nachher. KL – vorher, nachher.
Affen im ZackZack – ein Hoch auf die Giulietta Bar!

Also los Leute: Testosteronpflaster aufgeklebt und ab in die Glocke zum Klingelbimmeln.

Haltet es nicht geheim!

The Great Escape 8
Montag, 7. August 2006
20.00 Uhr im Glockencafe

clothes for burning man

Last weekend Ingrid and I have gone on a shopping tour to Strasbourg, getting some clothes for ourselves, and especially for Burningman.

The goal was a nice suite for mr Luther Blisset, chair of the INCONSISDENT 2006 conference, and a Bikini for the Lady, which will serve as a basis for flowers that will be sewed on there.

shopping loot from strasbourg

Clickr on the flickr picr and watch the notes there by pushing your mouse across the pic. We have to buy these clothes for Luther Blisset, who will chair the INCONSISDENT, hope this somehow works.

And yes, I wrote some more notes on the wikitravel page of Strasbourg, for the next shopper after us.