article in OilIT Journal on Stavanger Semantic Web Days

In its May issue (volume 13, number 5), the Journal published a 1122 word article on the Stavanger Semantic Web Days. It describes the various presentations, including my fine talk on SWEO’s eccentric collection of cases where the Semantic Web is used successfully ­čśë It seems that my talk reached a good audience and caused a good resonance in the Oil industry.

The Journal is an IT-related newsletter for the Oil Industry, if you are not in Oil, then it may not be so interesting for you, if you are, read the copy.

Österreich-Deutschland Fussball EM!

Es bleibt noch eine Stunde bis zum Spiel ├ľsterreich-Deutschland heute um 20:45. Solange das Leder noch ruht, behaupte ich: das wird der Tag an dem ├ľsterreich die Deutsche Mannschaft aus der EM kickt.

Falls dies doch nicht eintrifft, gilt die kabarett-interpretation von Grissemann und Steermann ­čÖé

Wir werden das erste zuhause gucken und Bier schl├╝rfen, und den Dingen harren die da kommen.

DBPedia Mobile

Show your teeth, Semantic Web. Rrrrrrrr. Ever wanted to have all knowledge there is on your mobile? DBPedia Mobile is it.

area, from

Chris Bizer did again the trick he did many times before: initiating a project that can be summed up on one page, can be understood in one minute, and is immediately usable and good for a large audience. In this baby, Christian Becker is his teammate. DBpediaMobile takes DBPedia articles and mashes them up with maps. Multilingual (who would have guesses, with DBPedia’s power finally a use), location-based, IP-based, you name it.

A rocking guy, easy to use. Score!

view4, from

images embedded from for better transporting the idea

Photos from ESWC & SFSW 2008 Online

Finally back in Germany, I uploaded the pictures from Tenerife, ESWC 2008. This also has some pictures from the SFSW Semantic Web Scripting Workshop.

First impression from ESWC was: good increase in quality and community. Second impression: no internet connection.
No Internet

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We showed Nepomuk, anticipating whatever questions come:
Heiko Haller Preparing for the Nepomuk audience
And it was good – Heiko won the best Poster.

Lots of meetings:
LOD session

Questions and discussions:
Questions? A LOT!

Some scientist who gave their first presentation in front of big audiences:
Katharina Siorpaes' talk about OntoGame

Kinga Schumacher presenting our paper on Semantic Search

Finally, we had fish:
Fish Diner

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Eswc 2008 first impression

ESWC 2008 is over, and it was interesting. Best paper on combining data mining and sparql. Best poster was Heiko Hallers quikey (nepomuk) and best demo Knud M├Âller/Laura Dragan/Sebastian Tr├╝gs semantic desktop pipes for kde, also from the Nepomuk project. Score.

I kept chatting with interesting people about the future of the semantic desktop and my plans for bringing it to more people. During the whole event internet was rare and I currently type this on my nokia e70 at ristorant pomodoro in san telmo, they have free wifi….. Once I got web, you will see the nice pictures I did on flickr, but don’t hold your breath, from today on I am one week on holiday.

eswc rocks, and although our science is young, it can (in the words of Manfred Hauswirth) “feed itself”., and like an evolving being, starts to walk.