SMILA has new partners Attensity and Living-E

The open source initiative SMILA (SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture), which bring semantic search to enterprises, has two new members.
US-based Attensity and German based living-a AG are now joining the Eclipse-hosted SMILA community.

We made an official press release, you find that the news agencies picked it up:

This is good news! We need a standards-based, open-source solution for enterprise indexing and semantic search, in fact – many companies are interested to use this. This also shows DFKI‘s own early involvement into SMILA was the right step, and that brox and empolis are excellent partners. If you are interested to join, read the SMILA wikipage about contributions, or hit the mailinglist.

p.s: and we welcome also the two companies as new Aperture users, which is part of SMILA ­čÖé

Ted Nelson publishes history book

Ted Nelson, inventor of hypertext and visionary in computer science publishes a book.

In his self-published new book, “Geeks Bearing Gifts: How the Computer World Got This Way” (available on, Mr. Nelson, 71, takes stock of the computing world. The look back by this forward-thinking man is not without its bitterness. The Web, after all, can be seen as a bastardization of his original notion that hyperlinks should point both forward and backward.

controversy! going to press that “buy” button now:

Eccenca, the commercial SMILA platform says hello to Aperture

Although it is old news, it is good news anyway: last year I joined the Eclipse Foundation to improve our support for SMILA, and we have also done a lot in Aperture to help the SMILA project.

Now there is also the Eccenca foundation, the commercial platform where SMILA based products can be sold and bought. It is run by Brox and will be a one-stop “shopping mall” for both buyers and sellers of semantic services based on SMILA. Although not much is public, I know from presentations that they are on the topic – if you are interested, contact them.

Helge Brzoska posted a nice “thanks to Leo” mail on his eccenca blog, so I love to link to it. They also say a big thanks to Aduna, our excellent partners for Aperture:
Now that the license of Aperture is definitely not an issue any more, we can accelerate the IP process dramatically.

On behalf of the whole SMILA-Team and brox: Thanks also to the known folks at Aduna, the other major contributors of Aperture Project for teaming up in such a great manner and helping out with this major issue for SMILAs IP-Process.

Besides the obvious self-gratulation of this post, I hope it helps you, dear reader, to stay up to date about what happens in the topic of commercial semantic services.

Open Job Position EHealth Project Vienna

My brother has an open position at his EHealth technical college, here the open position:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Liebe Mitstreiterinnen und Mitstreiter im Umfeld eHealth und Forschung!
F├╝r unser mehrj├Ąhriges Forschungsprojekt “Healthy Interoperability” dass sich mit der Vernetzung von Daten aus dem Bereich “Personal Healthcare” bis hin in Gesundheitsaktensysteme befasst, erg├Ąnzen wir gerade unsere Teams. Derzeit sind wir auf der Suche nach zwei Junior ResearcherInnen, Vollzeit, f├╝r die gesamte Projektdauer von bis zu 4 Jahren, evtl l├Ąnger.

Um geeignete KandidatInnen zu kontaktieren, bitten wir Sie die beiliegende Stellenausschreibung in Ihrem Umfeld durch Aushang oder ├╝ber Ihre Verteiler bekannt zu machen. Sie helfen uns damit sehr.

Online sind die Ausschreibungen ebenfalls verf├╝gbar:

Eine kurze ├ťbersicht ├╝ber das Projekt finden Sie unter

Bei Fragen bitte melden, inzwischen herzliche Gr├╝├če,
Stefan Sauermann

Acting Program Director
Biomedical Engineering Sciences (Master)
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

OrganiK project: Semantic Web for SMEs

The OrganiK project, where Gunnar Grimnes and I from DFKI are currently working on, is speeding up.

Last year we submitted a paper to the SCPE Journal of Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience Scientific International Journal for Parallel and Distributed Computing. They have a special issue on “The Web on the Move”. Our paper is called “A Sociotechnical Approach to Knowledge Management in the Era of Enterprise 2.0: the Case of OrganiK”, here is the abstract:

The increasing need of small knowledge-intensive companies for loosely-coupled collaboration and ad-hoc knowledge sharing has led to a strong requirement for an alternative approach to developing knowledge management systems. This paper proposes a framework for managing organisational knowledge that builds on a socio-technical perspective and considers people as well as technology as two highly interconnected components. We introduce a conceptualised system architecture that merges enterprise social software characteristics from the realm of Enterprise 2.0, and information processing techniques from the domain of Semantic Web technologies. In order to deliver a KM approach that could assist in reducing the socio-technical gap, we suggest deploying such a solution using an integrated sociotechnical implementation methodology.

PhD Step4: submitting the PhD

Tada! Yesterday I submitted my PhD to the University. If you remember, a little more than two years ago I started blogging about my PhD. The last step, the third one, was to write a PhD.

In the last year, the step was to have it reviewed by first supervisor, Andreas Dengel, and second supervisor, Mehdi Jazayeri. Their feedback was healthy for the PhD and challenging me to do some overnight work to include it. At the end, the PhD improved a lot and parts of it were rewritten, a new chapter added, others shortened.

After handing it in yesterday, it will ripen a bit by staying at the university, then the supervisors will review and comment on it, and finally an appointment for the defense will be planned. That will hopefully be before summer, but can also be in autumn this year.

I feel a bit reliefed to finally have it finished writing, and I am happy to get this item from my todo list. It leaves me a few days of joy, until the remaining tasks of nepomuk kick back, work on the OrganiK project kicks in, my work for OSCAF ontologies has to be continued, and our Semantic Desktop Spinn-Off company also starts spinning…

as Linus from the peanuts put it: “That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another….”