NOKIA uses Nepomuk/OSCAF ontologies for maemo mobile platform

Its official now, and we will soon put it on, but for my dear readers (Stefano!) I am able to break the news:

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

We examined the NEPOMUK ontologies and found that they are a well suited for our plans for the Nokia Maemo platform ( based next generation internet enabled mobile devices.

We are developing a mobile semantic content storage and retrieval solution that uses NEPOMUK as its base ontology. We are in the process of adapting and extending the ontologies and pushing the changes to be part of the NEPOMUK standards.

The recommendations created as standards by the NEPOMUK project are a solid foundation for the semantic mobile content solutions we are working on.

Kind regards,
Urho Konttori
Project Manager
Nokia – Maemo Desktop Data

Fyi: the NEPOMUK ontologies are managed by, if you also want to use them in business scenarios and want to join the standardization, jump on board

NEPOMUK is finished, the aftermaths start

The NEPOMUK project is ending now, we are delivering the last deliverables and wrapping up the financial parts. Time to go through the repository and clean it of copyright infringements and documenting what else we did… such as this:

a mashup of marco marco, the business man, and a penguin.

Well, look yourself into the svn logs to know who committed it … best greetings, Leo

Move in Aperture Management from Leo Sauermann to Christian Reuschling

Open Letter to Aperturians and SMILAns is a great project and DFKI has a lot of interest in it, we are using
Aperture both in and
As I will be starting a business based on the Semantic Desktop soon,
I will step back from my position as DFKI representative of Aperture.

We talked about the transition process within the Aperture Administration team
and within DFKI and found that Christian Reuschling is the right person
to take over. Christian is a senior developer at DFKI developer and
the DynaQ project,which uses Aperture underneath
Christian’s homepage:

Please take this chance to welcome him!

As “DFKI representative for Aperture”, Christian is

  • the DFKI contact person for Aduna and other companies regarding Aperture
  • a key person in Aperture architecture discussions
  • directing the ongoing engagement of DFKI in Aperture

He is also an experienced Aperture user, and generally an excellent programmer and friend.
Christian was also at the SMILA presentation at Empolis on 3.2.09
and met the SMILA management team.

Myself, I will stay a project member and commit code from
time to time, and answer mails, but the authority to manage the Project
from the DFKI side is now at Christian.
I am currently working on establishing a company to help people remember
facts, based on the semantic desktop and aperture results, watch out for updates in the coming year.


p.s. Aperture rocks, it is a good tool that is helping us to bootstrap the semantic web,
>10k downloaders can’t be wrong.

End of idling

DSC00218Image by Dante Inferno via Flickr

After three years of literally doing nothing, I will stop. This goes as far as it covers IdleRPG, a roleplaying game where your only way to achieve something is to do nothing for a long time.

I was attracted to IdleRPG when I found out that it is one of the much frequented IRC channels on Freenode. Typically, there are more than 50 players online, for years.

So what is the game about? You register a character, give it a name, class, and alignment, and then start playing. Which is – idling. My character is “Bush and his pony”, of class “president and pony”. Once you are online in the chat, the game plays itself. To reach the next level, you have to wait a certain amount of time (something like 10 minutes for the first level). The higher you are, the longer it takes to reach next level. The only thing you have to care for is to stay online for a long time, every time you disconnect you get punished by added time to your “clock” to reach next level.

At my last level, 49, it took about 10 days to reach the next level. Now I have reached level 50 and maxed out: as I am really online to play, I can’t reach 51 realistically, every time I log off I lose about 3.8 hours. Given that I log on/off two times a day, I lose more time than I am online. Thats it! I reached my goal and maxed out. Of course, Gunnar’s quest for semi-goddom in nethack was much more noble.

To go on from this point, I would have to set up a IRC command-line client on my linux box to idle for me, which would be cheating. So I rather say: it was an excellent time of idling, I had a lot of fun, BushAndHisPony maxed out, and Barack Obama is now president. The right moment to send Bush and his Pony into retirement. Greetings to all idlers out there, I am gone!

At the end, I own the following items:

  • helm: 72 [Mattt’s Omniscience Grand Crown]
  • ring: 69 [Juliet’s Glorious Ring of Sparkliness]
  • tunic: 104 [Res0’s Protectorate Plate Mail]

And this is what happened in the last days of playing, the full story here:

[01/28/09 04:23:17] bushAndHisPony stopped using dial-up! This wondrous godsend has accelerated them 0 days, 03:37:34 towards level 50.
[01/28/09 07:38:21] nohar [845/1207] has challenged bushAndHisPony [423/488] in combat and won! 8 days, 01:11:32 is removed from nohar’s clock.
[01/29/09 08:05:22] infe [226/553] has challenged bushAndHisPony [261/488] in combat and lost! 0 days, 14:29:07 is added to infe’s clock.
[01/29/09 21:42:02] simmy [248/660] has challenged bushAndHisPony [434/488] in combat and lost! 0 days, 07:29:34 is added to simmy’s clock.
[01/29/09 23:42:14] bushAndHisPony [34/488] has challenged MegaBunny [103/492] in combat and lost! 0 days, 02:28:31 is added to bushAndHisPony’s clock.
[02/02/09 03:41:54] bushAndHisPony [326/488] has come upon praetorian [116/819] and taken them in combat! 0 days, 03:47:10 is removed from bushAndHisPony’s clock.
[02/02/09 05:46:15] geekboi, FreeBeak, and integral [959/2077] have team battled bushAndHisPony, VxD, and betterworld [1418/2191] and lost! 0 days, 05:39:17 is added to their clocks.
[02/02/09 11:48:39] integral [500/550] has come upon bushAndHisPony [146/488] and taken them in combat! 0 days, 03:20:48 is removed from integral’s clock.
[02/04/09 10:56:55] bushAndHisPony [344/488] has challenged pravus [389/657] in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:31:29 is added to bushAndHisPony’s clock.
[02/09/09 03:10:57] nohar [839/1207] has come upon bushAndHisPony [442/488] and taken them in combat! 1 day, 20:31:33 is removed from nohar’s clock.
[02/11/09 00:16:49] bushAndHisPony [446/488] has challenged barbarian [133/485] in combat and won! 0 days, 03:30:18 is removed from bushAndHisPony’s clock.
[02/16/09 02:01:41] Verily I say unto thee, the Heavens have burst forth, and the blessed hand of God carried bushAndHisPony 0 days, 22:35:43 toward level 50.
[02/16/09 07:31:15] simmy [43/666] has challenged bushAndHisPony [411/488] in combat and lost! 3 days, 11:34:26 is added to simmy’s clock.
[02/19/09 02:24:46] bushAndHisPony is forsaken by his evil god. 0 days, 00:08:32 is added to his clock.
[02/19/09 19:31:44] bushAndHisPony [1/488] has challenged Ol’M00sato [501/728] in combat and lost! 0 days, 22:16:33 is added to bushAndHisPony’s clock.
[02/19/09 20:46:31] bushAndHisPony [3/488] has come upon Shuriq [184/306] and been defeated in combat! 0 days, 20:57:49 is added to bushAndHisPony’s clock.

(and for the joy of it, I zemantified this post)