Get my PhD

If you are interested in my PhD, you can now buy it on Amazon.

as blogged before, I finished and published my PhD. Its a good reference on all topics related to the semantic desktop: personal information management, information extraction, pimo, application plugins, semantic wikis, and how people used them.

Now, my work did hit the Amazon store and can be bought by you together with other interesting books such as Founders At Work

P.s.: Disclaimer: If you buy it through the links on this page, you support me, I took this opportunity to join Amazon’s affiliate program 😉

Sebastian Trüg organises Social Semantic Desktop hands-on workshop

As I just also blogged on OSCAF. I will be there, see that you can join also.

Sebastian Trüg from NEPOMUK-KDE organises a social semantic desktop workshop, a practical meeting to bring pragmatic implementers together.

After the first Nepomuk workshop in June being a great success it is time
to start the planning for the next one. In fact there will be two workshops
before the end of the year: one dedicated to the open social semantic desktop
and one general Nepomuk hands-on coding sprint for everyone interested in
Nepomuk development.

The Nepomuk Open Social Semantic Desktop

This workshop will be focused on the discussion of social features in Nepomuk
and the integration with platforms such as OpenDesktop.

Today Nepomuk allows to handle local resources and data can not be exchanged
with other users. The next step needs to be the integration of such
functionality. It needs to be possible to define privacy parameters on Nepomuk
information, to share Nepomuk data with other users, to integrate information
from online sources, and to enrich online data with the information stored in

The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from the semantic
desktop and ontology design as well as those from online services and peer to
peer communication. Together the theoretical (and hopefully also
technological) basis for an open social semantic desktop in KDE will be

Important projects related to this topic include Telepathy, Kopete,
OpenDesktop, Silk, and OSCAF, the new desktop ontology project.

The workshop will take place in Freiburg, Germany again (it is just so
convenient for me 😉

If you are interested in participating please add your name, email address,
and the dates that are convenient for you to the Workshop wiki page.

Be aware that the e.V. is sponsoring the event for both travel and
accommodation expenses.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Freiburg.

Sebastian Trueg

Ars Electronica:, Nemo Observatory, and drawdio

On the weekend we have been on the Ars Electronica Festival – the 30th anniversary version of this art&technology festival in Linz. Awesome.

I will blog and put pictures online in the next weeks, here a few previews:

Leobard doing the game – its guitar hero with headbanging. röckers, you häve to dö it.

Here is Ingrid in the Nica-Award winning Nemo Observatory, its a “private tornado”, you sit on a comfortable chair in the eye of the storm. Polystrene balls and ventilators build the storm:

And we visited the MIT exhibition, traditionally a place where the best interactive media art people in the world gather. Drawdio really cought us, a simple rep-rapped device using an electrical current going through your body and watercolor paint to create a musical painting experience, at (I would guess) a low cost of 10$ per device and electrical materials you have in your drawer at home. Googling for it, I instantly found that they published it on Instructables in a pencil-based version. Just enjoy the movies: