Short uncanny note on the Polanski case

Roman Polanski was arrested for child molesting, he was on charge for that for years and avoided going to the USA because of the prosecution.

There was public outcry over his arrestment, which of course interfers with a lot of his movies and art going on and some people working for him will lose money and jobs and good press if he goes to jail. Anyway, this is one side – the other was him raping a child, which interferred a lot with this one life.

Two links:

may be needful for you in discussions on the topic

Intermediate blog: amazing capoeira/futbol acrobatics

While working on my PhD, I use my breaks wasting time on youtube, this video I found at the end of a longer waste:

They do a mix of capoeira, futbol, parkour and I don’t know what. One commenter says its a fake – I don’t know, either they invested their training into video-editing or sport training, I hope the latter.

Wobbling down stairs

one of my nephews wobbling down stairs with a snake-like ability. happened years ago, happily provided by my brother, but not uploaded due to excessive lazyness.