A change of wristbands – from “Nowhere 2014” to “I,Robot 2018”

As I am changing a wristband on my right hand, I also reflect about the bigger picture about me an participatory culture. As I am writing these lines, I am still wearing the wristband of the participatory temporary city “Nowhere 2014” on my right hand. As I have been for the last 1632 days since July 5th 2014. I am moving to an “I, Robot 2018” wristband by Severin Taranko. Both remind me that I am part of a global participatory culture where such small things represent and reflect the meaning of everything.

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Artworks want to be touched at Burning Man

“I quickly realized it’s the people that bring life to the artwork at Burning Man. Unlike those found in a museum or gallery, the creative achievements of the playa were conceived and constructed with the intent of human interaction. They were created specifically for climbing, touching, marking, wearing, giving and receiving, and in many cases, eventual destruction. They exist as sites of photo shoots, weddings, dance parties, transportation, wayfinding, sexual encounters, sleeping, bathing, mourning, and more. So rather than being protected from the masses, the artworks relied on them to achieve full actualization. And this was a curatorial revelation.”


Leobard’s idea how to connect Borderland Platforms

This is a set of 4-videos of Leobard (Leo Sauermann, me), talking about how we could use RDF/LinkedData/Schema.org to connect the various platforms of TheBorderland/Dreams/Realities/Burnertickets. I used video as a medium to convey the ideas, as I think it was the quickest way for me to transport it. Writing this up would have taken longer and as my Burning Man community contributions are done in my pastime, I try to make it fun for me to do this.

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A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”)

Randy Bohlender wrote a text in 2003 about why he goes to Burning Man. At the time, he was Pastor at a Vineyard Church in Cincinnaty. People following Jesus and Burners mix well together, in my experience. I joined the Vineyard Church in Austria and started following Jesus in 2001. I went to Burning Man 2006 and 2010. I am co-organizing Burns since then. Like Randy, I believe that a person with a christian faith can contribute something positive at a Burn. I believe that Jesus’ teachings are relevant today. When I read his text A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”), I found he nailed it: his reasons are right, his argumentation is right. In his shoes, I would do the same.

I copy his article on my personal blog here to replicate the ideas to my readers, and to “have a backup copy”, should the original go away.  The following is a 1:1 copy from the text published by Randy on 26.8.2003 here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/970767/posts Continue reading “A pastor on the playa? (or “Why I Go To Burning Man”)”

Dr. Megavolt wrote about his journey from physics PhD to pissing on the ground stake of a tesla coil at Burningman

Dr. Megavolt – a guy with a metal birdcage over his head getting zapped by a 1.000.000 Volt Tesla Coil on top of a truck at Burning Man. Also known as Dr. Austin Richards. His homepage: drmegavolt.com. He wrote a compelling story about how he became Dr. Megavolt, who co-created the act with him, trouble and joy they had, eventual break ups and hick-ups, and the ongoing joy he gets out of it.

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