Paw Patrol Knob

Marshal, a lost paw patrol plastic doggie was lonely lying on the street. Luckily, a knob of a fancy Vienniese fence gone missing an Mr Paw Patrol now has a new mission to stand in.

I always carry a lighter and hot glue gun sticks with me for such opportunities. Instructions:

  1. Light up the stick,
  2. drip it on Marshal’s feet,
  3. stick him on.

If you want to visit the fella, do so quickly at this location:

Collaborative Blokus

Collaborative games are so much more fun than competitive. Less quarreling and fighting. More caring about the input of others, learning collaboration. So Ingrid and me turned blokus into a collaborative game

  • Rules are the same as normal Blokus
  • Goal is to play all stones
  • Collaboration is freely defineable
  • If you are two players, each player plays two color
  • Picking stones of other player is allowed if other player gives consent
  • Rearranging, undo are allowed


“What do you see in it?” #Rohrschacchino is a coffee up to interpretation.

  1. Stick Nutella against the inside of a glass using a small spoon.
  2. Put milk in glass, microwave.
  3. Pour coffee on top, over the spoon, held close to the milk surface to soften the inpour and keep milk and coffee separate.
  4. Make photo.
  5. Upload photo to social media, tag it #Rohrschacchino, add message “what do you see in it?” Your friends will all win this participatory Rohrschach test.

Überwachungstaat veranschaulicht

Eintrag 475 aus der Monochrom’schen Datenbank des Vorüberschreitens, zitiert bei Glattauer:

Kinderphilosophische Betrachtungen über die österreichische Sicherheitspolitik
Vor der elektronisch gesteuerten Bildfläche in der U-Bahn-Station Westbahnhof wurde ein kleiner Bub von seinem Opa auf das Leben außerhalb des Kindergartens vorbereitet. Ohrenzeugin Astrid D. überliefert:

“Mehr Polizisten für Wien”, liest der Opa stolz vor. “Ist das gut, Opa?”, fragt der Bub. Opa: “Ja, das ist gut.” Bub: “Warum?” Opa: “Wenn es mehr Polizisten gibt, dann können sie besser auf uns aufpassen.” Bub (verängstigt): “Wie aufpassen?” Opa: “Aufpassen, dass uns nichts passiert.” Bub: “Wie, dass uns nichts passiert?” Opa: “Dass uns kein Einbrecher eine auf den Schädel haut.”

(Pause, das Kind grübelt.) Bub: “Ich mag aber lieber, dass der Papa auf mich aufpasst.” Opa: “Der Papa passt auf dich auf, und der Polizist passt auf den Papa auf.” Bub: “Ich mag aber nicht, dass der Polizist auf den Papa aufpasst.” Opa: “Wer soll dann auf den Papa aufpassen?” Bub: “Die Mama.” Opa: “Der Polizist passt auf alle auf, auf die Mama, auf den Papa, auf dich und auf mich.” Bub: “Und auf die Oma?” Opa: “Und auf die Oma.” Bub: “Ich mag aber nicht, dass der Polizist auf die Oma aufpasst.” Opa: “Warum nicht?” Bub: “Der Polizist soll auf den Einbrecher aufpassen.”

Quelle: Daniel Glattauer, DER STANDARD Printausgabe, 3.9.2007

Design for the Other 90%

“The majority of the world’s designers focus all their efforts on developing products and services exclusively for the richest 10% of the world’s customers. Nothing less than a revolution in design is needed to reach the other 90%.”
—Dr. Paul Polak, International Development Enterprises

Design for the Other 90% is an exhibition currently on view at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through May 29, 2009, and online.

There must be a use for technology for the Other 90%. And they are a market – for products that help them improve life, or even stay alive. Products such as the Q-Drum:

It can hold up to 50 liters of water and be used to transport that water over long distances. At an affordable price, saving time and money, all in one, clever, design.

I remember a keynote at the I-Know conference in Graz (I think 2005, and I forgot the speaker’s name – is there a program online?) which was not about knowledge management, but how computer are be used in rural india. One case was to examine eye patients remotely via a webcam – the patient sits in front of the only computer in the village and looks into the webcam, the examining doctor sits somewhere else and gives a diagnose. This cuts travel costs and saves money (and improves health). So, there is a market in the low-income population, for life-improving products.

stagedive from 1st floor

Hey, we were at the “Sportfreunde Stiller” concert on 28.2.2008 in Kaiserslautern, and their frontman dived from about 4-5meter height into the crowd.

What you see here is frontman/singer Peter from Sportfreunde Stiller doing a crazy stagedive from the first floor of the concert hall. Before, he surfed the crowd and climbed up there. ROCK! Sport!

The concert was in Kammgarn in Kaiserslautern, more information in Martin Memmel’s blogpost.