Semantic Web Stone Age – AAARRGHHH

uargh, today’s Semantic Web tech drives me crazy.

I want to build a framework that is capable of integrating all data in the world in a single Jena Model. That is the goal.

Now what happens is I miss some points and you, dear reader, may miss them too and while you are at it, perhaps you are going to implement them

* A good query language
I want a query language that can do optional triples. It should retrieve subgraphs.

* An update language
Ever thought how you are going to update RDF sources? I remember very useful update and insert sql statements. How can we do this in RDF. And yes, ever thought how to update/change the contents of a collection? And what if triggers are bound to changes in this collection?
Deleting triples and then entering the changed version of them is no option for me.

* A protocol on the web
and how will I get my triples from By URIQA? Please, tell me.

* A protocol on the desktop
ah yes, and when I want triples from the neat driver that adapts my big big database. Imagine you have a lovely .o file or .dll, how will I get triples out of this driver? I request an ODBC thing for RDF!

* Bonus Question
everything should be implemented/available in Jena

so. I will surely find more stuff that bothers me.

hello world

hallo liebe Welt, ich werd mal anfangen.

also, es ist so dass ich sehr gern den Cyberspace hätt, weil dann könnten wir alle so lustig dort zusammen spielen und informationen austauschen. Da von selbst nix passiert, werd ich mithelfen beim bauen. logisch, was.

der erste schritt zum cyberspace ist das semantic web. mal sehen wann wir das haben.

nebenbei werd ich noch ein bisserl über lustige Sachen schreiben und was mich sonst noch so interessiert.