i-know interview and link to me


there is a orf futurezone entry about the i-know conference, that goes more into detail about the work of me and Matteo Bonifacio.

Some of the gnowsis and Semantic Desktop features are mentioned there, great thing to be linked on the fuzo.

And also Matteo, I am always happy to see this guy, he is full of energy and good science.

the conference was a nice place to be!

i-know 2005 article and radio program

Dr Sonja Bettel from the austrian radio oe1 was at the i-know conference and wrote an article about it.

There is a radio feature about the conference also, if you are oe1 club member, you can download it.

I was interviewed for this broadcast about the Semantic Desktop, hope to get a copy of the audio soon ­čÖé