Semantic Web Stone Age – AAARRGHHH

uargh, today’s Semantic Web tech drives me crazy.

I want to build a framework that is capable of integrating all data in the world in a single Jena Model. That is the goal.

Now what happens is I miss some points and you, dear reader, may miss them too and while you are at it, perhaps you are going to implement them

* A good query language
I want a query language that can do optional triples. It should retrieve subgraphs.

* An update language
Ever thought how you are going to update RDF sources? I remember very useful update and insert sql statements. How can we do this in RDF. And yes, ever thought how to update/change the contents of a collection? And what if triggers are bound to changes in this collection?
Deleting triples and then entering the changed version of them is no option for me.

* A protocol on the web
and how will I get my triples from By URIQA? Please, tell me.

* A protocol on the desktop
ah yes, and when I want triples from the neat driver that adapts my big big database. Imagine you have a lovely .o file or .dll, how will I get triples out of this driver? I request an ODBC thing for RDF!

* Bonus Question
everything should be implemented/available in Jena

so. I will surely find more stuff that bothers me.