starting to dive into Mozilla

I started today to do the programming examples from the lovely book Rapid Application Developement with Mozilla by Nigel Mc Farlane. Reading software books without doing the programming is like watching Simpson’s without sound: senseless. So I will spend some time doing the examples.

At DFKI we are using Mozilla as browser and add some nice RDF features, so I had to learn Mozilla anyway. The book is rather fresh, the author announced it on RDF-IG some time ago and I had it lying aroung for weeks.

RDF in Mozilla

For those of you who don’t know yet: Mozilla is soaked with RDF!.
And it has got lot of XML and javascript, an environment where I will feel cosy.

Mozilla is a very fine example of “how to use RDF and benefit”. It uses RDF to configure the platform and to communicate between backend and user interface. great! To get started, look into your MOZILLA_HOME/chrome directory and the file chrome.rdf. They use seq tags in a nice and easy way.

perhaps this is the beginning of a longer lasting relation between Mozilla and me, we’ll see…