gnowsis alpha release 0.8

Kaiserslautern, 28. September 2004
Hello all <foaf:Person>!

I have the pleasure to announce that we released an alpha version of the Semantic Desktop framework “gnowsis” today. It is published under a BSD compatible license.

gnowsis is a personal semantic web desktop server – for short: a Semantic Desktop. Like a local webserver, that can be seen only by you and that contains your own files, emails, friends and photos.

Some gnowsis features are:

Server Features

* Local RDF Database (Jena Model based)
* Data integration Hub. integrates different Data sources.
* Filesystem adapter
* MP3-ID3 tag adapter (using MP3 Library by Jens Vonderheide)
* Microsoft Outlook adapter
* Mozilla Thunderbird email adapter
* Mozilla Firefox bookmarks adapter
* Java Client API
* full text indexing (using Apache Lucene)
* local webserver for experiments (using Jetty)
* Many RDFS vocabs used

Browser Features

* Browse the local Semantic Desktop
* shows related information for any resource
* Manage your projects using ordinary File Folders
* full text search
* Link anything with drag-drop
* annotate photos and persons

Framework features

* Handy RDF utilities: org.gnowsis.util.*
* Remote Models. Access your jena Models on remote servers like they are local, through the Jena model interface and XML-RPC magic. See org.gnowsis.util.remotemodel
* File backed models with convenience. Have your model save every X seconds to a file! See org.gnowsis.util.filemodel


* RDF data in Gnowsis is read only.
* Stability and performance. This is a research prototype. Don’t use it in commercial projects. This is alpha. Wait a few months and it will be beta.

Gnowsis was developed by me during the last two years. Full credits given here.
The release contains full source and build scripts for ant. Gnowsis was developed using Eclipse/Ant/Apache/…