great zoot: a postcard that shows early photoshopping culture, made using analog tools.

early photoshopping. Scanned from a postcard: Cards Unlimited, PO 3218 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110. ID ICS-104160C-2.
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Looks like early 1970's

I stumbled across jackalopes during the last weeks, on some newsfeed or whatever, don’t remember. And then Ingrid and I found this postcard on a flea-market, and I had to buy it.

On the back it says:

The Faboulous JACKALOPE of The Southwest.
Jackalope are the rarest animal in North America. A cross between a now extinct small deer and a species of rabbit, they are extremely shy and wild. None have ever been captured alive and this is a rare photo taken at their feeding grounds in the high country.