Fenfire VS Gnowsis

In the fabolous effort to build something called semantic web (or often known as “the topic with the uri http://www.w3.org/2001/sw”), we have gone a step ahead.

Benja Fallenstein from the fenfire project is a visiting scientist at the DFKI at the moment. He came on tuesday and will go back home tomorrow.

The goal of his visit is to discuss ontologies, discuss mutual working together and bringing gnowsis and fenfire closer to each other.

For short:

fenfire kissology:kissed gnowsis


The Idea

Fenfire is a research project developing an RDF-based desktop environment, including a great RDF browsing and editing tool. see screenshots. At the moment fenfire uses RDF files (f.e. in Turtle) to get the triples.

Wouldn’t it be great if fenfire would display gnowsis RDF from the Semantic Desktop instead? And if we could press a button and – from the fenfire graph browser – open the displayed resources in their corresponding hosting applications?

The Hack

Benja and me sat together today (18 Nov 2004) and joined our Notebooks in a little Lan. Benja hacked the fenfire part, I added a little forwarding mechanism to gnowsis, bugs in both projects were found and fixed.

10:00 – booting
12:00 – fenfire read gnowsis data and visualised it
13:30 – Benja and Leo run to the Mensa to get something to eat
14:00 – fenfire can open gnowsis resources
15:00 – email hacking begins, we switch to emails as raw data
16:00 – fenfire browses emails as graph!
16:30 – fenfire can open emails in Thunderbird through gnowsis
18:00 – bugfixing, brainstorming, ideas….
19:00 – final fixes with linux & kde issues
20:00 – tireness comes up and we forgot to buy milk for tomorrows breakfast

20:30 – it is done, the proof of concept made

see foafcamp in fentwine!

Gnowsis and Fenfire have met and another time, great Semantic Web developers (aka us) have proven that using ontologies, RDF and web protocols RULEZ. In just a day, two open source projects made substantial integration work.


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