SilverFire first try..

quite a fail.

The Silver Fire project (created by me) is to use ideas from a science fiction novel to create a global party.

the prototype project to this was Gargoyle

The first step to this vision is to use videoconferencing software to attend parties as a virtual person.

The virtual guest sits somewhere home or in a remote clubbing area (like and wants to attend a party at another physical location now called SilverFireParty.

On the SilverFireParty, another person has a laptop running with WLAN, a Webcam, Microfone and a Video-conference software. The person at the silverFireParty is called PhysicalGuest.

The physical guest plays host to the virtual guest. The physical guest carries his/her laptop to locations of the party, hence the virtual guest is moved there. the virtual guest can attend the SilverFireParty throgh this laptop, the laptop is an Avatar in real world for the virtual guest. The avatar laptop belongs to the physical guest, but is “owned” by the virtual guest as a mean to attend the party.

So the virtual guest sits, bound to his/her avatar laptop, at the party and can drink beer, smoke cigarrettes and talk to people on the party. A global party is possible!

First try:

the outcome of the first try for this project was quite a fail. The chosen webcam by creative did not work on MAc OSX. The WLAN connection at the party was crap and we had netsplits.

The major problem was that the physical guest did not setup the videoconferencing software properly and we needed 90 minutes of ICQ’ing and messing around with drivers when we should be partying. Hence the physical guest should be experienced in Video Conferencing and be also willing to “play host” to the virtual guest. If the physical guest is not dedicated to this, the virtual guest is helpless and alone.

So we can recommend that physical guest and virtual guest have made several video-conferences before and that they both:

  • have a laptop
  • with good battery
  • with WLAN / Wifi 801.11g – fast
  • both have webcams
  • Physical guest needs microphone
  • physical guest needs good loudspeakers
  • virtual guest needs headset
  • both need a good WIFI spot available, if the wifi connection is to a bad or restricted hotspot, it will failf (firewall, ports, netsplit, etc)
  • most important: both need to be dedicated to the SilverFire!

but I was attending as a virtual guest, so it was quite cool.