Been a while since this happened, but has to be bloggged. Ingrid and I went to the movies and watched g.o.r.a. at the alternative cinema “union kino” in Kaiserslautern.

G.O.R.A. was hilarious. A turkish movie, telling the story of a carpet dealer abducted by aliens from the planet gora. Great acting, many many many dialogs (there is talking all the time actually), a story without surprises but fine jokes, and an audience good mixed with germans and turkish people. So we had laughter and chatting in the audience. The movie was shown in turkish original with german subtitles. The usual, hollywood-standard computer animations of spaceships are mixed in this movie with “wizard of Oz”-styled setups like a “forest of knoblauchwurst-growing trees”.

Wizard of oz came to my mind more than once when watching gora. A person abducted to a fantasy place, meeting friends there, etc.

Enough: If you have the chance of watching this, DO IT! Forget hollywood, the turks are coming.

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