bluelogger and photo annotation

crschmidt hinted me back to my old dreams. tagging photos, appointments and other events with gps location.

The weapon of choice seems to be bluelogger, a gps receiver that talks through bluetooth.

I have commercial experience with these kind of stuff from my previous portacon project. So handling emea and maps and stuff is bad but possible ­čÖé

what came to my mind is a way to match timelines, from icals to your photos to your “recently heard itunes song” to the GPS path walked.

At impact business computing we had a patent pending algorithm to track breaks in a gps trail, tp detect stops. Perhaps this might be useful again ­čÖé

so lets see what crschmidt does next…

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  1. matthias said:

    “5.2.2031: Daddy, where have you
    been on 3rd feb 2005? Wait a moment, son. I’ve to ask my bluelog!”

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