gnowsis VS berlin hack

Some people are like magnets, they are built to meet sometime. That is also true for me, leobard, and the Berlin Semantic Web group around Chris Bizer, Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. We had to meet sometime, unavoidable.

Berlin work extending Jena is always good documented and nice little tools. gnowsis is a bigger tool to integrate them and have them in a user interface. As tools need some visualisation, this hack today was to plug together gnowsis and NG4J and D2RQ. We want to join forces to make the Semantic Web fly and the Semantic Desktop a part of it. The combattants in today’s hack already gathered yesterday evening for a initial social drinking event at that brought us closer together. Presents were exchanged and I gave flower necklaces to the natives.

natives with necklaces

The crew is:

  • Anja Jentzsch
  • Frank Wagner
  • Oliver Maresch
  • Ralf Jakob
  • Richard Cyganiak
  • me

Today we hacked some code together, and had some minor auccesses. I updated my foaf file.

The weather was great, Berlin charms me and Anja made many Pictures that we cannot hide from you.

Another great hack, that will be continued tomorrow, in the serices of gnowsis VS fenfire and gnowsis VS mindraider.

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