I-Know 2005 conference

I am at the I-Know 2005 right now, and if you add 1+1 you might inference that I am listening to a keynote that is so breathtaking that I am web-surfing and blogging.

I-Know itself is going really fine. I meet dozens of people from i-know 2003 and the WM-Conference or old buddies from vienna like this one (andreas blumauer).

Harald Holz gave an interesting talk on his stuff in the BPOKI trackand Oleg Rostanin gave insights to some elearning stuff on PROLEARN.

Yesterday we had a welcome reception at the Schlossberg and Hermann Maurer, the legendary professor here in Graz, gave a humorous explanation of the historical backgrounds of graz. At the end of the night, just before the last train went down from Schlossberg Hermann Mauerer was one of the last guests to leave (the others were Harald, myself, Keith Andrews and Syliva). Another good bottle of wine with even finer people.

Yesterday was a great day of doing coffe-talks about the Semantic Desktop and crazy swiss guys. Happy to be here, my own talk is on friday in Room 3 at 11:15. I still improve slides, they get better from minute to minute, talks here are either very inspiring myself to change my slides or otherwise the talks are so unintersting that I have enough time to improve gnowsis and my personal semantic web.