ola a argentine et Inkel

Ingrid and me are in Argentina right now. If you do not get emails by me or wonder why I am so silent – its permanent barbecue and sitting around drinking mate at the moment.

Btw: I have met Inkel! as organized through this weblog. The blogosphere worked: through the help of DanBri I got to know Inkel and we met and had, together with Daniel an evening of tough FOAF and Semantic Web Chat. We met in Buenos Aires, in our Hotel and then went eating together, it was like a Semantic Web Lounge Meeting in Vienna, cool.

Photos will follow – and be warned – the photos will definitly rock (surprise surprise…)

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  1. Hi Leo, as I told you, it was very fun to have met you and Ingrid. And I think there’s a very cool picture of the two of us, the one at the restaurant ­čśë

    BTW, it’s hola, with an H, ola is wave. But at least you know how to say it in spanish! I don’t know how to say hi in german ­čÖü

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