semapedia – tagging the real world

yeah, cyberspace has started!

netrunners, here we come: we tag the real world with links to cyberspace and back. this is by far the coolest thing available today: print links to wikipedia on physical places!!!

then use your mobile phone (your ono sendai 2005) to surf the matrix. oh, i am hot now.

Our goal is to connect the virtual world with the physical world by bringing the best information from the internet to the relevant place in physical space.

We do this by combining the physical annotation technology of semacode with the availability of high quality information using the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Imagine your cellphone as your smart travelguide. The promise is to provide free relevant ad-hoc high quality information to mobile users in the real world.

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  1. Hi this is Alexis, founder of Semapedia. I just found your blog entry today and I am happy you like it. We are working on some stuff – kind of a relaunch – to make things easier for you to make tags and install the reader software.

    But I agree: This can be huge, but only if amazing people like you contribute with spreading the word and most importantly starting to tag places and things.
    I wish you all the best, also feel free to contact me at alexis dot rondeau at googles email service

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