ISWC2005 trip: Friday, 11. November 2005

going home. just relaxing day in galway, making writeups of some ideas, photos, etc. At shannon âirport we had wireless, which explains this post. and this photo:

Three hackers found wifi at shannon airport

During the flight I had an idea for a nice paper, perhaps this will be on ESWC, we’ll see.

Arrived savely in Frankfurt Hahn Airport, Bertin joined me in my car and we had a nice drive going home. I think not a single semantic topic was raised during this car drive. relaxing. At about 00:19 I came to the train station where Ingrid arrived at 00:17, so our love is worldwide and brings us together timely, she just arrived from Vienna.

after all: got to see all these people from the community, love them all, many topics to do research and many places to keep on hacking the semantic web together. All these new foaf:knows triples should help me to include more projects to gnowsis and replace some of my work with work by others. Hope the semantic web goes alive soon. At least these blog entries have urls.

special greetings to stefan decker and his family.
greetings to captsolo for showing us town, Ina, danbri, libby, kao, chrisb, kim, jack, sibel, christine, york, danc, peter, alistair, sergio, stefano, haibo yu, alfredo, emmanuel, malte, ansgar, bertin, michael, dfki, and everybody else out there.