abusing the semantic web

Rickard Öberg blogs here about “abusing” piggy bank to do something with spreadsheets. First of all, Jean Rhomer said that “Excel is the competition of the Semantic Web” which is exactly where we all are heading.

Second, I wonder if Aperture would help Rickard in his task – he mentiones to automatize the import of the excel sheets. In Aduna Metadata Server, using a DataSource, this would be possible. In Aperture (+Sesame2) it will be possible, soon.

The idea is to create a RDF datasource out of an openoffice XML file (a spreadsheet of people and how long they work) and use XSLT for translation to RDF (hm, sounds like obvious idea now buzzworded scioc?). Then this datasource is queried from time to time (doing the xslt magic) and stored to a server (piggybank or gnowsis or whatever).