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After 1 year of blogging I am meanwhile in a state of running 4 different blogs. 2 of them on my own, 2 of them in a joint authorship mode. And the one here is actually part of the node metablog. Some questions came to my mind which I have to fix and to share in hope for comments!

Answer here:
From the Philosophical point of view: You are a person, one person. All your thoughts and needs flow into each other, without border. Hence, You, one person = one blog, many aspects on different level (dimensions in the level are quality, reaching from emotional draft to scientific article and other dimension is topic, from very private to utter public, unpersonal comments on science topics).

From the technical point of view:
Tags and categories allow you to express the kind of levels you need in your blog: private (secret messages that are not public, but you want them to be searchable for yourself), friends, public etc. You can express these levels (of the various dimensions) as tags.

Then you aggregate these to more public blogs and the content streams over, is remixed and channeled in public newsfeeds etc.

This blog entry here is my perspective on your problem, hence it is part of MY blog. Stefan, your post created reactions here. Thats what we call a trackback and what is best practice on the blogosphere. Next, this blog entry here is categorised as “nothing” being very generic. Other posts in this blog are tagged as “SemWeb”. The semWeb posts are available as seperate feed, which is available to look at here, and also as RSS feed for only my semantic web posts here. If I mark something as Sem-Web I am aware that it will be spread to the public via this integrator at planetrdf. PlanetRDF brings together my scientific and professional community and I want that these people primarily read the topic-related posts. Other bloggers are not so sensible and put their all-emotional-all-topic streams to planetrdf, but I have my filters. Fact is, I have to read the planetrdf blog to know what my community does. The circle closes here. Sites like planetrdf or planetfachschaft can be created withing 30 minutes effort, they are ready-made scripts.

So: have your blog, one password, one user, one living being. Stream your sayings to where they belong. Loog that others aggregate your thoughts like on planetrdf or planetfachschaft kaiserslautern.

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