emotional computerspeak: the perfect coutput

The landscape of open source speech synthesizers is growing richer. The
German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), partner in
the Network of Excellence HUMAINE on emotion-oriented computing, has
decided to release its emotional text-to-speech synthesis system MARY as
open source.

The system can be downloaded from http://mary.dfki.de

MARY is a multi-lingual (German, English, Tibetan) and multi-platform
(Windows, Linux, MacOs X and Solaris) speech synthesis system. It comes
with an easy-to-use installer — no technical expertise should be
required for installation.

What i liked best is the emotional speaking plugin to play around. Brings up a feeling of c64 speech synthesis but with emotional blendings, great thing to automatically generate the swearword of the day or to motivate yourself by letting mary say how wonderful your work is, repeating for hours.