re-launched my website using rdfhomepage

I re-launched my website using rdf-homepage, our cuper-cool rdf hack of DFKI to generate homepages using RDF and php.

See yourself the beauty of my new website, that is generated from about 10 different rdf files, including:

  • my foaf file
  • our organisational rdf model (DFKI organisational structure as rdf)
  • an rdfhomepage config file
  • my bibtex file
  • my bibtex file as RDF/bibtex

to make this magic work yourself, checkout our big-hack at

One Reply to “re-launched my website using rdfhomepage”

  1. darn, thats the tool we use to convert bibtex. These funny semantic web projects never care about schemes/uris.
    all my schemes are at their place, its edutella’s fault.

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