vienna is an online city

If you didn’t know this yet: vienna is one of the coolest places to geek at. Nice town, cheap rents, cool people, free universities, art, recreation. And, most important: free wifi nearly everywhere.

Try it out in vienna: open your mobile computer and in 50% of all times, some nice person will have intentionally have left you an open wifi access point. Yes, these people believe that the world is a nice place and that you can surely use their wifi to read mail and google something up. There is free wifi in most of the cafés I frequent and there are enough public places like with free wifi.

All this geek-friendlyness of vienna has led to many people using plazes there to check where they are and where wifi is. Vienna is on place four in an in-official statistics with having the most online plazes. Vienna is on a head-to-head race for place four with New York, perfect. San Francisco is second, first is Berlin.

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  1. Nah, I don’t think that Berlin is even remotely comparable to any of the major U.S. cities in term of wifi penetration. Here in Berlin, open residential access points are rare, and there aren’t even many coffe shops or bars with free wifi.

    I leave my network open; there’s seven other folks happily using the connection right now. Most of my geek friends, however, call me stupid because one of my neighbours could do something illegal and get me into trouble.

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