A comparison of feedreaders

This week I decided to look for a new blog/feedreader. My first try was to search the web and try web-readers out myself, using my OPML file. Behold – now Techcrunch made an article about feedreaders.

their idea:
There are a numer of different types of readers: web-based, desktop, Outlook based, etc.. This post is focused solely on web-based feed readers. I’ve included the big guys plus some up and coming readers with outstanding features and/or performance like News Alloy, Gritwire, Attensa and FeedLounge.

Rojo is the reader I am using at the moment, but I miss an option to search all my feeds for a keyword (hey, where is that blog entry about Quake3StrategyGame?).

So perhaps I should try out bloglines…

btw: they made a mistake in the article: Rojo supports OPML export, I just tried it out and it even semi-validates.

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