trying out eclipse RCP and RDF

We created a sample Eclipse RCP application that shows how to use sesame and a bit of gnowsis inside SWT and eclipse. We plan to see if we can benefit from Eclipse RCP in Nepomuk. more about this hack here on the gnowsis site.


This is what we did:
We started at 17:30 by downloading Eclipse 3.2 and slavishly following the Hello World Tutorial here.

ok, all worked, the empty “hello World” deployment thingy with .exe file and so on weights 7MB. wuff but ok.

Then Leo decided to rename the packages from “semanticdesktop” to “com.example.semanticdesktop” and that was the last time we saw our hello world. shoots, restart.

After Benny got the control, he changed the plugins first window from title “Hello World” to “Semantic Desktop”.

Hours later….

ok, we try now the “mail demo” and extend it with a RDF view showing hte pimo tree. First problem: we don’t want to import openrdf directly but instead import it as OSGI bundle (woa, cool). Hm, the best approach seems the wizard “plugin from existing jar archives”. that generates useful output.

Result at 19:30: we managed to include Sesame and gnowsis as Eclipse OSGI bundles and were able to load the PIMO ontology language from a local file and display it in a tree. Its a lot of work but it looks cool. So, Beer now.

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  1. To illustrate more why we are doing this:

    • the current GUI of gnowsis is a lightweight browser, but its hard to extend it (no plugins)
    • other projects like DBIN or Haystack did similar
    • we expect more stability and acceptance by the community if we use Eclipse plugins

    so, guys, would you invest time into writing Semantic Desktop plugins as Eclipse RCP plugins? Like that fancy Geo-Tagger from DBIN – we want to reuse it!

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