going to burningman-who will be there?

Ok, who from the Semantic Web guys and girls is going to Burning Man this year?

I am going, and we are blogging here about that:

I tried to find you guys by using search engines, but I am not witty enought to get the right results, so blogging and asking this question is probably ok for today.

Here is the story how I tried to find you:

This time I swoogled the semantic web to find out who lives near SFO, which indicates that they may go to burningman.

My first try was to go to swoogle.com, a very interesting website where you may lose hours during your office time. Then I found the search engine at swoogle.umbc.edu.

I tried to search for:

  • ns:foaf SFO but this broke. Internal Server Error in /work/swoogle/www/swoogle/3.1/components/com_frontpage/writer.search.php on line 61
  • perhaps not search documents, search ontologies instead. SFO – no results
  • just entering francisco returned too much.
  • refining to ns:foaf francisco, zero.
  • at this point, I registered for an account at swoogle, perhaps then more. Hm, no.

Ok, perhaps the search syntax is wrong. Lets go to Intellidimension’s Semantic Web Search engine at www.semanticwebsearch.com.

ok, change of tactics: shoot straight at the target of burning man.

  • semanticwebsearch for burningman. Brings some RSS feeds. Ok, that are bloggers. I need semweb bloggers though.
  • perhaps some foaf person said something in interests or so? search, nothing.
  • with “burning man” we get two livejournal users.

ok, lets see what the market leader does.

ok, so I didn’t hear of these guys before and I see that this use case is interesting. Anyway:

Ok, who from the Semantic Web guys and girls is going to Burning Man this year?

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  1. i will put down my info in playainfo (near center camp), and will try to check my messages on there under ‘nym’.

    leobard, i suggest you do the same, playainfo is very cool (although still very much a closed system). i had aspirations in the past to make a competitive system, but they’re already doing a huge amount of work.

    see you in 14 days!

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