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Getting up and reading news this morning, and still thinking about yesterdays ramblings how we could benefit from our ideas, TRB’s greetings reached me at the right moment:

Welcome to the Nepoverse, by Thomas Roth-Berghofer
Yesterday morning I woke up with this greeting on my mind, a greeting to all those who are interested in the goal of the Nepomuk project: the Social Semantic Desktop. And it got even better: the Nepoverse did not exist in the Googleverse. Until now!
As you may know, we–the Nepomukians–strive for providing you with new tools for better working with (your) knowledge. We want to change the way we, as knowledge workers, live in and with the digital world, not only by providing cool Nepomuked applications and a feature-rich toolbox, but by building a community around the Social Semantic Desktop. Thus, we are shaping our own universe, don’t we?

Yes Thomas, you are right. We want that, and I need that. I don’t feef exactly like “our own universe” but would put it more like Stefan Decker often tells the story: Nepomuk is a seed of a community, it starts at one point and gets bigger in circles, bigger, bigger, circling, …

As I said yesterday night:
Our discipline is a crossover, we need results from artificial intelligence, web 2.0, usability, personalization, databases, data integration, software engineering . . .

And what I should have said then was: we got Nepomuk. There are many people in this project that make exactly this crossover possible, through their different characters and backgrounds.

If you now wonder what we are all blogging about,

, see the

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  1. Ben: you are right.

    the url with https is password protected, I replaced it with the correct url now. thanx!

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