will there be compilers in heaven?

The day I have infinite time, I can fix all the bugs in gnowsis. I can enter all my wisdom into my semantic desktop and I can exchange my knowledge with others. When I am dead, I am in heaven, because I trust in Jesus. So, when I am dead I have infinite time.

So, the burning question is: will there be computers in heaven? Important theological question, for sure, because worshipping god all day is important, but a relaxing round of starcraft or Quake2 in between would surely please. Ok, perhaps they have much cooler stuff in heaven, but at least coding would be good.

Lets read the relevant literature. The article “will there be harleys in heaven?” by John G. Stackhouse, and recommended to me by Michael Robb has this theory:

When I was 26, my wife and brother prevailed upon me to give up my black Honda motorbike. They were afraid of motorcycles and couldn’t have peace knowing I was traversing Chicago’s expressways and city streets on one. So I gave it up. And I did so with heaven in mind. I theologized that in the life to come, God would give me a whole stable of motorcycles, racing cars, powerboats, airplanes, and other mechanical pleasures I had forgone in this life because of their danger as well as their cost. And if there weren’t motorcycles in heaven, I reasoned, God would provide something better: perhaps airborne “speeders” as in the Star Wars movies.

Star wars speeders. If we have pods and speeders in heaven, we surely have eclipse and Gimp, perhaps infinite bandwith and processing power. So, all those fancy mashups will be free in heaven. cool.

Two things follow for me:
a) the outcome of gnowsis is not so important anyway, when I am dead it is just dust in the wind, soon forgotten
b) I probably won’t need compilers in heaven, when they have 74-Z speederbikes there.

so, if you desperately need a semantic desktop soon, code it yourself. Its all open source. After visiting burning man and knowing that I have 74-Z’s in heaven, there is no pressure to do this myself


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