Announcement: Gnowsis Semantic Desktop 0.9.2 released

The DFKI Knowledge Management lab is proud to release Gnowsis version 0.9.2

Gnowsis is a tool for realising a Semantic Desktop – a desktop where all your data is inter-linked and related. Gnowsis gives you a tool for structuring your data as well as your thoughts! This release is part of the Nepomuk project, providing a prototype implementation of some core services.

To see what gnowsis looks like, watch the videos that Dominik Heim made:

Gnowsis has a range of features for helping you manage your personal information:

  • Integration with Aperture for easy integration of the data in the applications
    you already use on your desktop! This release is based on the Aperture Framework
    Release 3, for more information about aperture see
  • A new approach to personal information management. We call it your PIMO.
  • Integration with the Semantic Wiki Kaukolu, see
    for information
  • goodies for developers: AJAX support with XML/RPC
  • Quick and easy full-text searching of all your data using Lucene.

Additional new added in this release include:

  • Web2.0 Goodies: bookmarklets for tagging pages and creating things, geo tagging of PIMO Locations and showing these on a google-map, showing creation and modification of PIMO things on a Simile Timeline
  • Many additional data-sources, both from aperture, and some additional web2.0
    sites, such as flickr, bibsonomy and!
  • Support for PIMO synchronisation over SSH
  • Many many bug fixes and minor enhancement

Download gnowsis here:

And for additional information see


Contributors to this release include Malte Kiesel, Benjamin Horack, Dominik
Heim, Sebastian Weber, Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes, Leo Sauermann, Antoni Mylka