get more hot sex movies using semantic web

A weird theory about one aspect of the web is: “If you can’t sell adult entertainment with it, the technology won’t succeed”

So simple minds like me could measure the successfullness of the Semantic Web by seeing how much XXX is advertised in Semantic RDF Spam.

and see, today I got a first measurement:
PingTheSemanticWeb recently recrawled

ping the semantic web

you may not see it anymore, but it was here:

This on itself says nothing, and I have not noticed any use of advertisment on the Semantic Web. It is only a small indicator what to expect in the next years. Probably the people in adult (male) entertainment will sniff us up and realize there is plenty of new services to use for advertisement, which is first honoring our efforts and second – spam.

I found it walking down a few links from planetrdf to SIOC.

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  1. I think seems to have bad PR if they have to hire people to spam my blog with links to it.


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