publishing vocabularies made easier

Today I had to publish a draft of the pimos vocabulary, done by Max Völkel and me to merge Pimo and CDS.

And thanks to Sean B. Palmer and the #swig chat, it was a piece of cake:

10:45:32 hi, does anybody have a tool to convert an RDFS ontology to a HTML page describing it?
10:45:43 (like foaf did, I think they auto-generate the website)
10:45:54 online tool preferred…

10:47:37 I wrote some crap XSLT ages ago

10:48:44 here:
10:56:16 thx, thats exactly what I needed
10:58:43 you’re welcome!

The result is a properly hosted PIMO vocabulary (although at the wrong namespace, we are moving it to the final one within a few days), using the SWBP’s vocabulary hosting best practice.

The whole example is downloadable in a zip file:

See the 303 redirect working by entering this URI:

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