Europa Island – the place to go

Looking on at the french elecetions, we see that one of the candidates went to La Reunion to get more supporters. La Reunion? Another overseas departement of France, like the one we visited, Martinique.

So browsing in wikipedia on these things, we find that France has a lot of overseas departments and territories (which are all on the EURO bills). And then I found the dream island – EUROPA

  • its got a cool name
  • people tried to inhabit it but died – I love the challenge
  • its part of the EU – what could seriously happen when going there (although madagascar claims it)
  • and finally, I got convinced by this sentence: The island … has a meteorological station and is visited by scientists.

I am a scientist! I can go there!

This is a moment like Johannes Grenzfurthner had it when he fell on a world map in front of the Museumsquartier and hit an antarctic island with his nose: lets find out how to get there.