4th Semantic Desktop Workshop in Berlin wrapup

Last weekend we had the fourth Semantic Desktop Hands-On Workshop, this time again in Berlin. There were about 25 participants from the whole world, people from various open source Semantic Web projects, employees of companies, interested friends, professional consultants, and semantic web evangelists. All were practioners, all anticipate using the semantic web.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, and it turned out to be a great success. We had three days of intensive discussions, code hacking, demos, talks, talks, talks, and a special social event on each day. At the end, everybody was just exhausted and we had a wrapup session in the Bebop-Bar, discussing about the future of the Semantic Web until 03:00.

Here is a small video I hacked together using photos from our semantic desktop hack flickr pool.

And here more pictures from this pool:

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  1. you should have known :-)))))

    thx to Wolfgang Fleischer and Giovanni Tummarello for the feedback! I think we did exactly the right thing with this workshop.

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