Internships / Diploma Thesis / Hiwi Jobs

We are offering several open positions for projects in the Semantic Desktop area.

At the moment, the question is: how to support knowledge workers with the Semantic Desktop? Clever AI algorithms, text analysis, personal ontologies, flickr-mashups, many roads lead to the goal of smart computers.

This topic can be done by you as a diploma thesis (or internship, if you are not at the end of your studies yet):

I also search for assistants for implementing user interfaces and other things at hand.

Requirements are:

  • Java developing
  • Basic Semantic Web knowledge (you shouldve created a few triples)
  • You have your own homepage or show us by other means that you are capable of presenting your work
  • Preferably you are near Kaiserslautern, or live in Germany, plan to move here

We offer a challenging task and a friendly work environment, as you can see, we expect well-thought work and qualitative results from you.

Apply to sauermann[ad]