Semantic Desktop Talk, Friday 31.8.2007 (and party)

Are you interested in the Semantic Desktop and how I came to do it in the first place, come to this talk.

Talk “Semantic Desktop”,
or “how I stopped worrying and began loving science”
Friday 31.8.2007
Vienna, Metalab, 15:00

Rathausstrasse 6,

1010 Wien

I will give a talk on Semantic Desktop any my history –
how I came to the whole business, how Geri stumbled me upon the Semantic Web, and how my scientific career worked.

The reason why I give this talk is: most of my friends will be there, its my birthday party. If you want to come, but want to know more details, call me on my cell-phone, I will be travelling in the next hours and days. There is limited room and a guest-list, write me a mail beforehand to ensure we let you in.

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  1. As I won’t be able to participate in this mega-event and see your talk about your history with the Semantic Desktop I hope you will provide your slides somewhere.

    Anyway, have fun!


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