Mobile clubbing flashmob in Kaiserslautern

Today at quarter to 6, it was again flashmob time in Kaiserslautern. I enjoy the sparse breakouts of the town’s normality, especially on a mobile clubbing. Bring your own favorite music, shake freely. It was the best clubbing in town ever, seldomly I have seen so many happy people dancing in one place. No wonder, given the great music. I added some of my own to the soundtrack, bystanders heard nothing and wondered. Pics tomorrow.

thx and kudos to Katja, our flashmob queen.

but alas, I wish I would live in London, where they have really impressive mobile clubbings, like this one: (hey, theres a poidancer in it)

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  1. You came to mind, Leo, in a chat I’m having with Daniel LaLiberte (he of HyperNews). I’m copying him a set of pointers to you.

    trusting you are always well


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